Be it insecurity or need, man would do the best they can so that they would not be left behind, especially when their age is telling them to retire already in sharing the heat of their body to other woman. Plainly saying it, men can’t easily let go of the fact that their sex life will go slowly as they age and that there will always be someone younger or of the same age that will have longer manhood than what they have. Yes, before, they can be the best length and best girth awardee but as time comes, someone will beat them. And man, being naturally competitive and with ego almost as high as the Eifel tower, they will find their way to be victorious and on the lead again. They would resort to anything, right? And this is the reason why they would try and try all the penis enhancers there is in the world and the most sought after, is the penis pump.

The Pump

The penis enlargement pump is more than the small machine that it is. Its three vital parts are namely the tube, the vacuum and the ring. When using the pump is literally vacuuming the blood towards the penis and it is held on place using the plastic tube. One it has all the blood needed, it will be held on place by the constriction ring. Doing this exercise with varying amount of pressure as directed by an expert or a doctor (urologist), will help a man maintain the rigidity of his penis during intercourse. It somewhat intensify the penis’ capacity to draw blood into the vessels in the pole so that pumping will be just like how it is before all the issues of impotence sets in. The penis pump is not really an device that will enlarge the girth or length of a penis. Sorry to disappoint you guys but it was not build for such use. It is built and is recommended for people with medical condition that causes impotence or inability to have erection crucial for intercourse.

What could possibly go wrong then?

People would still push to use it despite the reminder that it will not really enlarge or add up to the numbers in measuring a penis. Others would use it even without the assistance and recommendation of a professional. If that is the case then be ready for the following:

  • Bruising – the pump, when force is too much will cause dark marks on the penis
  • Rupture vessels – the blood vessels in the penis are made to have contact with also flesh. Any instrument that is attached to it can be a huge stress, really. So make sure the force exerted to the penis is something that it can bare
  • Permanent damage – let us not make the description of the damage too vivid to imagine. Just put it this way, it can be a situation wherein you won’t be able to use your penis again.

Be wise, if you don’t need a pump, then don’t use it. Be contented.