Did you know that successful penis enlargement won’t necessary cost over 300$, as you would usually pay for penis extenders. In fact, cheap penis extenders combine all you need to make penis bigger up to 3 inches in 3 to 6 months.

Our site helps you discover low price penis extenders that are made by reputable companies and have a huge positive feedback from customers.

We analysed dozens of extenders and wiped out all cheap penis extenders from unknown manufacturers, without any quality guarantees and medical approvals, and glad to present you 4 brands of inexpensive penis extenders.

Please only choose from these top 4 penis extenders, since each of them meets ALL the quality criteria that professional penis traction device should have.

Vimax Extender

Without doubt, Vimax Extender is #1 choice. With Vimax you get all-in-one professional penis enlargement system for the exclusively low price. Earlier Vimax Extender was sold for 299.95$, then the manufacturer removed worthless “bonuses” and only left what you need to actually enlarge your penis, making the extender more affordable. For only 99.95$ you get the traction device made of highest grade materials, approved by medical community and allowing you to achieve the biggest penis gains among all models presented in this review.

Unlike other cheap models, you don’t need to “upgrade” Vimax Extender, spending extra money on spare prats. All necessary parts are already included for maximum penis growth.

Each Vimax Extender passes lab tests to ensure it’s effectiveness and safety of use. This is why Vimax Extender helps to enlarge penis up to 3 inches, as recorded with some customers feedback.

Vimax Extender gives you permanent enlargement results. Full 6-month money back guarantee, fast worldwide shipping make Vimax Extender risk free investment into guaranteed penis enlargement success. Customer satisfaction rate is highest at 97% and typical enlargement is 2-3 inches.

Ultimate Stretcher

Similar to VimaxExtender, Ultimate Stretcher is all-in-one solution for penis enlargement. Is is also medically approved and passed through several clinical tests that approved Ultimate Stretcher ability to enlarge penis in both length and girth, and improve penis curvatures (Peyronies disease).

However, comparing to Vimax Extender, penis enlargement results are moderate – the maximum registered penis length gains were 1.7 inches. Customer satisfaction rate is high at over 93% and the average penis enlargement result is 1.2 to 1.5 inches.

The strong point of Ultimate Stretcher is a comfort strap that gives you a feeling of comfort while Ultimate Stretcher is on your penis. The extender is made of allergen-free components and is absolutely safe to use.

In value for money Ultimate Stretcher yields to Vimax Extender since it costs higher (149.45$).

So, if you are satisfied with 1.5 inches average gains (this is the real results that Ultimate Stretcher gives, not hyped up claims), Ultimate Stretcher is all you need.

X4 Labs Starter Edition

Another high quality extender that we recommend. Like Vimax, X4 extender is made of allergen-free materials, it’s passed clinical trials and is widely used in medical community. Each X4 extender also passes quality control before going to market.

The strong point of X4 Labs is using the comfort strap that allows you feel maximum comfort while wearing X4 labs extender. You can have it on up to 8 hours a day (if you’ like to), that will definitely lead to faster penis enlargement results.

We rated X4Labs extender lower because this is the Starter Edition, and as your penis grows you will need to buy extra spare parts (upgrade it). Without upgrades the typical penis growth is 1 to 1.5 inches, to if you want bigger gains, you will need to spend more money.

Different options that X4 extender has (like quad support, wide/normal girth base etc.) can easily confuse you, but they will not make a big difference in penis growth.

All in all, X4labs is an excellent penis extender with very high satisfaction rate, but it’s more expensive than Vimax Extender and needs extra spend for maximum penis enlargement.

Male Edge BASIC Extender

The newest penis extender in the low price segment, and the most expensive one among cheap penis extenders that are worth using.

We still cannot base our review on the real feedback from thousands of men who already used highly reputable brands like Vimax Extender or X4Labs, but we have investigated that Male Edge is distributed online by very reputable distributor who sells the famous SizeGenetics extender.

Judging by a professionally looking site, Male Edge plans to become a serious competitor on the penis extenders market and definitely it’s not a shady traction device. Double money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied is another proof that Male Edge is worth using.

Male Edge manufacturer claims that the average penis enlargement is up to 28%, based on clinical trials.

Comparing to X4 Labs Starter, Male Edge Starter costs 179$ (higher), but you don’t need to spend more money since you already get complete penis enlargement system for 2 – 2.5 inches gains.

If you lose spare parts or break it, you can buy them on official site.

The only weak point of Male Edge that we noticed is the extender design. As we see it, Vimax Extender or Ultimate Stretcher are constructed more sustainably and tolerant to the force application. However, judging by facts that Male Edge has passed clinical trials and also passes the quality control, our guess may be excessively captious.